About Us

Atlantic Security operates with a workforce that has an extensive range of exceptional operational experience spanning 40 years in the security industry. This experience incorporates work in the military, police and prison services and extensive training and experience in door supervision, event security, first Aid, fire awareness and control and restraint techniques. A comprehensive list of our credentials can be found on our website and these are unmatched by rival companies in the Channel Islands.

Many of our operatives have been trained by British ex-Special Forces (SAS and SBS) and provide close protection intelligence and threat mitigation, executive close protection to VIPs, Executives and celebrities, employee close protection, surveillance and security & agency services. Our Channel Islands Training Manager worked as a Close Protection operative with high profile celebrities and he brings a broad spectrum of expertise in this field to the company. We have in our talent pool ex police officers, ex special forces operatives and intelligence officers from special branch and HMP.

Atlantic Security recognises a need, particularly in the Channel Islands, for a security company that can provide a professional and friendly service with reliable and trained staff. We steadfastly promote the SIA's and Jersey and Guernsey's equivalent licensing body's initiative for the provision of licensed and background checked security personnel.

Our staff are selected for their abilities and the skills required for dealing with customers from all walks of life, who may have a delicate and difficult situation to manage through to drug fuelled aggression and violence.

They are chosen for their friendly nature, enthusiasm, commitment and flexibility. Above all, their temperament, reliability and professionalism ensure that our clients receive a superior service which we are certain you will want to use again and recommend to others.

Mission Statement

At Atlantic Security we aim to provide an exceptional service that is tailored to suit our client's needs. Our mission is to be a, Lean, Agile, Dependable and Professional Security Company. We work hard to deliver the best, professional customer focused security services in the Channel islands. Atlantic Security's lean process management methodology means exceptional value for money with high quality outcomes. Our promise is to work with our customers to develop enhanced ways of working together, producing the outcomes that you want in the time frame you want, at a price you can afford.